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ONORA means honor or valor, and honor is everything we are about.

We believe it is honorable to work, to find work for others, and to help our customers succeed. Our company is a talent solutions firm that’s goal is to build deep relationships with companies and consultants.

At Onora Group, we strive to understand not only our customer’s business objectives but their company culture as well. Our success is predicated on our ability to fill positions that are mutually beneficial for both our clients and our candidates.

A journey of partners

Our work does not end once we’ve placed a consultant at a client site. In fact, Onora Group believes that both the client and the consultant are our customers and we follow a systematic approach to serving each one.

1. Finding the best

In order for Onora Group to provide the best candidate matches, we need more than a written job description. We meet with each of our clients in person to gather a true understanding of their businesses and their cultures, as well as their ideal candidate’s skillset, experience requirements, and personality type.

2. Finding the fit

After meeting with our clients and establishing a thorough understanding of their needs, we begin a search to find the right candidate. Our career consultants are highly skilled and equipped with top technology to source the most desired candidates in the marketplace. They put candidates through subjective assessments and gather thorough, professional references from previous employers. Additionally, they make every effort to meet each candidate prior to ever submitting them to a client.

3. Follow up

We employ a process to ensure our clients are pleased with our consultants’ performance, and every six months we execute a formal evaluation to gather our clients’ feedback. Similarly, we remain in ongoing contact with our consultants, ensuring their satisfaction with their placement as well. We succeed when all parties are satisfied.

The Onora Group is great to work with. Not only do they take the time to understand the driving need behind each role, but they also look for candidates that are a good fit for the culture. This results in finding candidates that are technically excellent, but also “fit in” with our organization. Invaluable!